Relocating To Singapore

Despite the difficulties that come with migrating abroad, HSBC and many other annual studies rank Singapore as the best destination in the world for ex-pat families. While there is much to keep adults entertained, it is also a fantastic area to raise children. Here are five reasons why Singapore is wonderful for ex-pat kids:

Private education’s high standards

Singapore boasts one of the world’s most successful educational systems. With 83 international schools and kindergartens operating in English and about 60,000 school placements, ex-pat children in Singapore have plenty of opportunities to receive a top-notch education.

Because some institutions have large waitlists, applying early is the greatest way to ensure that your child has the most possibilities. Even yet, many schools have enormous enrollments, with some having as many as 3000 pupils, thus getting into a good school is usually not a problem. Singapore’s population is predicted to continue to rise, prompting policymakers to plan for more international schools. These new schools, as well as the expansion of current institutions, could help to alleviate some of the competition and shorten waitlists.

Living In Singapore

Having the chance to learn Mandarin at a young age

Mandarin is a difficult language for adult native English speakers to master. Despite the fact that the concept of a whole new and very big set of characters can be intimidating at first, sentence structure is comparable to English, and grammar can be easier because Mandarin does not utilize various forms for gender or singular/plural. For native English speakers, pronunciation appears to be straightforward, but for individuals whose mother tongue is Latin-based, it appears to be more difficult.

Expat children in Singapore have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study Mandarin at school. Mandarin education can last up to five hours per week in several curricula. Sanelo has an awesome guide on what to take note of before moving to Singapore.

Singapore is a highly safe place for ex-pat children

In fact, Singapore is frequently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. People commonly leave cell phones, umbrellas, and even laptop computers unattended on restaurant tables when going to the bathroom because crime rates are so low. Although Schoolviews does not promote it, it does represent how safe Singaporeans feel. That would not be acceptable in London, New York, Paris, or Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore provides parents with peace of mind when raising their children, and as a result, the youngsters have greater freedom than they would in many other areas.